What’s a Daedalus Group?

In Greek mythology, Daedalus (Dādălus) invented wings to escape a labyrinth in which he was imprisoned. Using extensive military and corporate leadership experience, combined with the best tools available, The Daedalus Group helps supervisors and managers develop wings to become effective leaders and escape the labyrinth of everyday management.


As supervisors and managers become high-flying leaders, they help their teams and organizations soar to new heights.


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Steve Alltop, MBA, PMP

steve-alltopSteve Alltop is a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot. His military career took him from pilot training to high-performance jet aircraft in combat to an assortment of command and leadership positions. Retiring from the Air Force after 24 years of service, Steve joined the corporate world as a project manager supporting diverse projects which provided high-tech solutions to the modern warfighter. Though enjoyable work, Steve felt something was missing in his life and eventually left defense services to become an independent consultant providing leadership development services to corporate America. In this new endeavor, Steve found not only a “target-rich environment” but also his calling in life. He thoroughly enjoys spending time with his leadership students and believes he is enriching lives by helping folks find the great leader within themselves and by having a lasting effect on those that they lead. In 2014 he joined forces with Bob Mason to form The Daedalus Group to bring first class leadership development to an even broader audience.

Steve is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a B.S. in Astronautical Engineering. He holds a Masters of Aeronautical Sciences, a Masters of Business Administration and is a certified Project Management Professional.  He currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he enjoys his family and powered paragliding. Seems he can’t quite let go of that aviation background.

Catherine Elsby, BA

dlgCat Elsby is a social media manager and web designer hailing from the beaches of New Jersey. She obtained a degree in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Journalism from James Madison University where she wrote for the school’s newspaper and also for the renowned Virginia Daily News-Record.

After graduation, she moved to New Orleans to serve a year with AmeriCorps working with the local homeless population. While in New Orleans she started a blog and found herself soon immersed in online digital marketing and design.

In 2014, she moved to Colorado and began writing for The Denver Post, but quickly realized her passion wasn’t in print journalism. That led her to start her own business, The Social Willow (www.thesocialwillow.com), doing what she does best; helping companies thrive online through beautifully built websites and effective social media presence.

Cat lives in Aurora, Colorado with her fiancé, his three kids, and their many fur and scale babies.


Bob Mason, MBA

bobBob Mason works with organizations who want energized leaders, engaged employees, and more profits. During a military career spanning 30 years, Bob was fortunate to learn leadership from some great leaders. Starting with a small team at the age of 19, he honed his skills leading ever larger and more complex teams, eventually commanding four different squadrons, including the Air Force’s largest munitions squadron. Bob has studied leadership extensively, but more importantly he has been there, working with real people, making hard decisions, and experiencing the results.

On retirement from the Air Force, Bob started a company to bring the effective leadership techniques he learned to the corporate world where he has worked with first-time supervisors, managers, and executives in both profit and non-profit organizations. In 2014 he joined with Steve Alltop to form The Daedalus Group.

Bob is a professional speaker and author and is a Past President of the New Mexico chapter of the National Speakers Association. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management, a Master of Science in Aeronautics, and a Master of Business Administration. He is the author of four books on leadership. Bob lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he and his wife enjoy hiking and exploring the history of the Southwest.