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You’re the new leader, now what?

Having recently been promoted, one person told me about over-hearing someone mention getting an email from “the boss”, only to come to the frightening realization that she was the one being referred to! Taking charge of a team of individuals is no trivial task. After all, not only are you assuming responsibility for accomplishing the mission of that team, but as the leader you are also assuming responsibility for the people…


Your Ace in the Hole

Have you noticed a member of your team who everyone seems to gravitate to. This is the man or woman who seems to be able to get others to do things and when there’s a big success, they are probably involved. This is your group’s informal leader. They don’t have an official title but they are a leader non-the-less. There are three ways you can deal with this informal leader.…


Are You Waiting for Your Team to Accept You?

“Your people will decide if you are a leader.” Some version of this quote appears from time to time attributed to various people who would have us believe that leaders must please their team to be a real leader. They believe a leader is not really a true leader until their team accepts them as such. Here’s why that belief is wrong and can take a leader down the wrong…

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The Confident Leader has launched in Indianapolis!

We’re excited to announce the first group completed The Confident LeaderTM workshop in Indianapolis this week. The Confident Leader is the first in a series of workshops formulated to provide the skills necessary to be successful leaders. Despite a small class we had great discussion and a lot of fun and learning. Thanks guys! I look forward to our coaching sessions together. – Steve


Correlation or Causation – The Trouble with Studying Successful Leader Characteristics

An article came through my feed the other day called 22 Habits of Successful Leaders from It was an interesting article, but could have been more accurately titled, 22 Quirky Habits of some Famous Successful People. I realize it wouldn’t have gotten nearly the number of clicks, but why does the original title resonate? Because the implication is that here are the habits of successful leaders that perhaps we…