10 Steps for Better Problem Solving and Decision Making

Leadership is problem solving and decision making. Sometimes the problems are difficult and sometimes there isn’t much time to make a decision. The most effective leaders have developed a process for carefully considering the issue at hand and arriving at better decisions. After many years of experience leading teams and handling many different kinds of problems, The Daedalus Group has consolidated what they’ve learned into The 3-5-2 Process: 10 Steps for Better Problem Solving and Decision Making.

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The 3-5-2 Process guides you from the time you first encounter a problem or a decision has to be made through actually implementing that decision. 


     – Why it’s important to consider time whenever a decision is necessary and how to adapt the process to the time available
     – 3 Steps that are essential to a better reaction to a problem and are the beginnings of better decisions
     – How to conduct an effective, time-dependent analysis of the problem and potential solutions 
     – A final step that is often forgotten but is vital to a good decision making process
     – How to work with your boss to make yourself even more valuable
     – The fundamental rule that makes the process work, and will make you a better leader

A common concern we hear is that there often isn’t time for 10 steps. Decisions must be made quickly. Often that’s true, but The 3-5-2 Process is specifically designed for flexibility. Some steps must be done every time, but how much time you spend on those steps varies. Other steps can be skipped if necessary, or more preferably, be accomplished quickly.

To learn all this and more, register for The 3-5-2 Process: 10 Steps for Better Problem Solving and Decision Making. The course covers all this and more in 5 videos, each 10 minutes or less. Use the accompanying workbook to begin applying the steps to a problem you are facing or a decision you are facing now. 

Get the course and improve your ability to handle problems and make good decisions.

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