Tips for a More Successful On-Line Meeting
The business world has gone on-line. In fact everything is on-line these days. For those who have teams spread across
Why Virtual Is Not The Entire Answer
Where would we be today without the technology which enables us to turn on a camera and have meetings and
Digging for Dhub Dhubs – What Leaders Don’t Know May Not Hurt Them
A dhub dhub is an odd looking creature that can be found in parts of the Middle East. Full grown
Communication and Conflict
Communication and Conflict
Conflict comes in two forms: good and bad. Good conflict is disagreement and debate and a hard look at ideas
Develop Street Smart s
Street Smarts
Really, the only way to get street smarts is to be on the street. It's great if you can hire
Diversity and the Team Leader
In leading your team, think of diversity not as race, ethnicity, gender, or any other category. For you, as a
What Customer Complaints May Really Mean
Customers complain. It’s a fact of business life. Sometimes they have a valid complaint, but often they’re just cranky, having
Clothes Don’t Make the Team
“Bring your team together with these team shirts.” The commercial showed groups of happy, smiling people, all wearing the same
What Does it Mean to be a Success?
Does someone who has a healthy bank account seem like they are successful? Perhaps you see famous people or someone
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