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Leading and Building Teams

Responsibility and Accountability: They’re the Same, Just Different

If you look up the definitions of responsibility and accountability you’ll find they are used interchangeably. But there is a subtle yet important difference between the two words. A good way to separate them is to consider responsibility as ownership of a task, and accountability as ownership of the results.… Read More »Responsibility and Accountability: They’re the Same, Just Different

A Difficult Subject

In a recent leadership workshop, we had deep discussion about diversity. Participants were looking for answers to an issue leaders face that seems to have no good answer. The conversation centered on two questions: how should a leader view diversity and why does this seem to be such an explosive… Read More »A Difficult Subject

Innovate or Die

I was speaking to a friend recently and the subject turned to innovation. He was working with a client who was concerned that there was no longer an innovative spirit in his company. It reminded me of a conversation I had recently had with a client who wasn’t sure how… Read More »Innovate or Die

There is No Generation Z

Something disturbing is happening lately. An apparently harmless attempt to define the future. Except it isn’t harmless and will have a negative effect on the future. It’s Generation Z. No, not the people themselves but the concept. Speakers and authors are already telling us what Generation Z is like and… Read More »There is No Generation Z

The Awakening

Among the many sculptures and works of art in Washington D.C. is a piece titled “The Awakening,” a large aluminum sculpture of a man either struggling to rise from, or being consumed by the Earth. Created by J. Seward Johnson Jr., the sculpture was first installed at Haines Point in… Read More »The Awakening

Avoiding the Peter Principle

In 1968, Dr Laurence Peter published The Peter Principle. He said that, in any organization, employees will rise to their own level of incompetence. Kind of a sobering thought. I’m sure you have seen organizations that seem to prove his theory. I know I have. That’s unfortunate because it doesn’t… Read More »Avoiding the Peter Principle