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Leading and Building Teams

Is Leadership Training Really Failing? If It Is, Here’s Why

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Articles lamenting the failure of leadership training to produce lasting effects have become a regular addition to my article feeds. All sorts of experts are telling me that, although companies are spending more than ever on leadership training, the results are universally disappointing. My experience tells a different story and… Read More »Is Leadership Training Really Failing? If It Is, Here’s Why

A 10-Step Approach to Problem Solving

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Get the new course that explains how to use the 10 steps to be a more effective leader. Go to https://dleadershipgroup.com/10-steps-for-better-problem-solving-and-decision-making/ When an aircraft mishap occurs, specially trained investigators are sent to the scene to examine the evidence and determine a cause. Investigators examine physical evidence, witness statements, and hopefully participant’s… Read More »A 10-Step Approach to Problem Solving

Four Steps to Healthy Conflict

The last few weeks have seen an embarrassing display of unrestrained and generally unhealthy conflict. Although public debate is good, it is usually uncontrolled and can rapidly produce a toxic environment. That environment can quickly affect your team. A toxic work environment can be defined as a condition that exists… Read More »Four Steps to Healthy Conflict

Common Sense Leadership

Type leadership into Amazon’s search bar and you’ll be offered a list of more than 60,000 books on the topic. Books about what leadership is, what leadership isn’t, books about how to do leadership, books about great leaders (surprisingly very few books about poor leaders, which could probably double the… Read More »Common Sense Leadership