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Fact: Supervisors and managers lead teams. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the opportunity to learn skills that will help them be more effective leaders who lead more productive teams.

Fact: It’s hard to lose supervisors and managers for long training courses.

Fact: Although it’s an important investment, small companies can’t afford expensive training courses.

That’s why The Daedalus Group has created Common Sense Leadership for Supervisors and Managers in New Mexico.

This is a content packed, 1-day workshop derived from some of our most popular topics. The workshop has been specifically designed to provide leadership development for supervisors and managers in Albuquerque and all of New Mexico. There’s no fluff, no time wasted on unproductive activities. Just hard-hitting information that comes from our own experience. We know these methods work because we’ve used them. These topics have been well received by leaders ranging from first time supervisors to executive leaders and they will work for you too.

The Workshop Curriculum 

Leadership Basics – Skills to Make You More Successful

Learn a simple leadership model and a basic definition of leadership that will be the foundation to boost your effectiveness. Learn about your own leadership style and how to better relate to and communicate with your team. Gain insight into how you interact with others using a revolutionary styles assessment system that accurately identifies leadership styles. Learn how you deal with stress, and why some jobs and activities are frustrating.

The Leader as a Coach

A leader is responsible for getting the best from their team and will be more effective when they know how to coach team members. Whether offering encouragement or helping team members see solutions, effective leaders are also good coaches.


  Becoming an Influential Leader

Good leadership is not yelling and giving orders. Developing influence as a leader is much more effective. Learn how to become a more influential leader.


The Secret of Successful Motivation

How can you best motivate your team? Do you understand what motivation really is? The most effective leaders understand the true nature of motivation and how to  create a motivational environment.


  Effective Team Building

 Whether leading a new or established team, a leader needs to understand what affects the team’s dynamics, how to get the best from each member, and how to deal with and even avoid team conflict.


Learn to “own” your team’s results, no matter what. Face the reality that leaders often have to confront broken promises and violated expectations. Learn the causes of these situations and how to handle them. Hint: it’s not always about them!

Every workshop participant will receive

All course material in a comprehensive workbook with your individual action plans

Your personalized Leadership Styles Profile report

Continental breakfast and lunch

The leadership learning experience of a lifetime!


It’s one thing to sit in a workshop and discuss good leadership techniques. It’s quite another to actually apply them. That’s why we include an individual private coaching session about 30 days after the workshop. This is a private coaching session with the facilitator to discuss how you are implementing the skills and techniques presented in the workshop.


Don’t miss this great opportunity for leadership training in New Mexico. Register today.

Arrive by 7:45 AM and get some breakfast and coffee. The workshop will start promptly at 8:00 AM. Lunch will be provided and we will finish up at 4:30 PM.

The workshop will be in the Association of General Contractors conference room, 1615 University Blvd NE in Albuquerque.

Registration is closed for this event

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