Do You Want Your Own, Tailored, Leadership Development Program?

Is your company as profitable as it could be? Are you looking for a way to develop your leaders? Would you like a leadership development program that is tailored to your specific needs? 

Often, people are promoted to a supervisory or management position because of technical expertise but they find that the need for those technical skills decreases and is replaced by a need for leadership and interpersonal skills. Our research shows that only about 5% of senior executives have received the leadership development they need.

There are many one-size-fits-all training programs available but they don’t take your specific needs into account. Your leadership development program must be tailored to your specific needs.

The Process

When you contact us, we’ll help you determine what your specific leadership development program should include and the best way to provide that program for your company. 

We will start the discussion with several questions. Expect a 30 – 45 minute discussion.

  • Are there specific skills your supervisors and managers have that make them more effective? 
  • Are there specific skills you supervisors and managers do not have that you believe would make them more effective?
  • What issues within your company concern you the most?
  • What about the day-to-day operation of your company would you most like to see improved? 

  • We also have proven tools available to evaluate your company’s leadership capabilities and constraints and appraise its overall alignment to help you see where to concentrate your efforts for the best return.

    Once we’ve gathered all this information, we can provide a suggested program that meets your unique requirements. All programs will include our proprietary MyHardwired™ Profile. This highly acclaimed assessment helps leaders understand their own leadership styles in three dimensions. We will also guide each leader in developing their own personal leadership philosophy (PLP). The PLP, helps leaders understand how they approach leadership and gives them a way to express that philosophy to others.

    Call 505-453-5266 or use this form to contact us today and let’s get started.

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