The Best Leadership Development Program is Tailored to Your Specific Needs

That’s why we have a full arsenal of tools and programs that can be matched to your company’s unique situation.

We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach.  To be effective, a leadership development program must take into account your company’s unique issues, the challenges your leaders face, and the specific result you are seeking.

The Daedalus Group uses proven tools to evaluate your company’s capabilities and constraints and appraise its overall alignment to help you see where to concentrate your efforts for the best return.

From there we can develop a program specifically tailored to your needs that will provide the best and fastest return for your investment.

The foundation of all of our leadership development programs is the MyHardwired™ assessment which helps leaders better understand themselves. The profile explains what causes stress and how to manage it, and shows how leaders tend to approach others. Our programs also guide each leader in developing their own personal leadership philosophy (PLP) which helps them understand how they approach leadership and gives them a way to express that philosophy to others.

Based on this foundation, we can tailor a program for your needs. Here are some of the areas we can address for you.

– My HardWired Profile™
– Goals / Goal Setting
– Your Personal Leadership Philosophy
– Leadership Best Practices
– Communicating as a Leader
– Advanced Communications
– Feedback–The Essential Communication Connection
– Being a Motivational Leader
– Conflict Management
– Coaching to Develop People
– Developing Your People
– Leading Productive Meetings
– Managing a Leader’s Time
– Building Trust
– Building Effective Teams
– Building High Performance Teams
– Five Dysfunctions of a Team
– Delegation
– Leading Change
– Effective Decision Making
– Core Values Alignment
– Accountability: Building a Culture of Responsibility
– Ethics
– Executive Coaching
– My Personal Leadership Development Plan
– Accountability: Building a Culture of Responsibility


Contact The Daedalus Group today so we can get started creating a program for your leaders.