The Leader’s Success Series™

Leadership, like life, is a journey of discovery. A successful journey begins with preparation and planning and is sustained by continuous learning and improvement.

Organizations large and small, for-profit and non-profit, thrive on the success of their leaders at all levels. Leaders are responsible for the success of their teams. Those teams are groups of people and leading people is a complex endeavor which most have little training for. Today’s leaders need to be proficient in multiple skill sets that will help those people, and their teams, succeed. The Leader’s Success Series™ provides training in those skills necessary to be a successful leader.

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The Confident Leader™

Foundational Skills for Supervisors and Managers

* Basic Training for Leaders

* Leader Know Yourself

* Develop Your Leadership Philosophy

* Owning the Results




The Dynamic Leader™

Necessary Skills for Early Supervisor and Manager Success

* Make Your Message Count

* Success Through Teams

* Solving Leadership Puzzles

* The Conflict Game

* Time Management For Leaders



The Transitioning Leader™

Skills for Those Supervisors and Managers Ready for the Next Step

* Becoming a Coaching Leader

* The Art of Not Motivating

* This Way or That Way? The Art and Science of Planning and Goal Setting

* The Multi-Generational Workplace

* Meetings That Work



The Strategic Leader™

Skills for Leaders Making a Difference at the Executive Level

* Advanced Messaging

* The Strategic Planner

* The Change Leader

* Advanced Leadership Philosophy

* Ethics in the Workplace




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