The second course in the Leader’s Success Series™ adds critical skills to those you learned in The Confident Leader™ Course. The Dynamic Leader™ Workshop concentrates on skills you need to get the best from your team and to become even more effective in your leadership role.

Two days of intense exploration of skills to help you become a more dynamic leader:

  • Make Your Message Count: Everyone communicates all the time. Even if we think we aren’t communicating we are still sending messages by what we do and, importantly, what we don’t do. Learn effective ways to communicate with your team. Discover common pitfalls that often trip leaders up. Understand the truth about non-verbal communication and how to use it to your advantage. Learn why listening is often the most overlooked aspect of communication and how to encourage and use feedback.
  • Success through Teams: Teams are the fundamental building blocks of organizational success. Large or small, leaders lead teams. Building an effective and high-performance team is one of the basic skills dynamic leaders need. Learn the stages of team development. Discover ways to address conflict and low morale. Apply the communication strategies you’ve learned to build a more cohesive team.
  • Solving Leadership Puzzles: Critical thinking and problem solving is often rated by senior executives as a skill most often lacking in leaders. Leaders must be able to carefully analyze situations and develop good solutions to the challenges they face. Learn an effective method to critically analyze any situation. Follow a simple step-by-step process to develop solutions to problems you’ll face as a leader.
  • The Conflict Game: Teams are made up of people and conflict is inevitable. Leaders must be able to recognize the causes and symptoms of conflict and how best to handle it. Learn what defines good conflict and bad conflict. Discover approaches to reducing bad conflict and working with toxic team members. Analyze how some conflict can be beneficial.

As with our other courses, this isn’t juat a lecture. We’ll keep you fully engaged with group exercises, role-playing, and lively discussions. We’ll also not leave you wondering what to do with all of the new material you’ve learned. You will develop action plans to apply what you’ve learned to your professional life.

As the name implies, the skills you learn will help you become a more dynamic leader who can develop effective teams that everyone wants to be on. Your company’s senior leaders will notice the difference.


We are dedicated to continue the life-changing learning you began with The Confident Leader™. Included in the cost of the course are the following post-event bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Online Webinar – Time Management for Leaders: There never seems to be enough time. This optional, 1-hour follow-on webinar will present some proven methods to get more from your day while being a more effective leader. Learn how to determine what is really important. Develop a system to schedule your day for more efficiency.

Bonus #2 – Private Coaching: About 30 days after the course you will have a private coaching session with the facilitator to discuss how you are implementing your lessons learned.

Workshop participants receive:

  • A workbook with all course material to include lessons, self-assessments and your action plans to incorporate the material into your professional life
  • The Silent Language of Leaders by Carol Kinsey Goman, Josey Bass, San Francisco, 2011
  • Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, Simon and Schuster, NY, 2005

Your course facilitators bring a wide range of military and corporate leadership experience to the course. Though they’ve studied leadership extensively, they also have wide-ranging experience where theory meets reality. They are adept at weaving your real-life situations into the fabric of the course so your experience is as meaningful as possible. Click HERE for more information about your course facilitators.

Qualifies for at least 18 Professional Development Units (PDUs) from the Project Management Institute.