The third course in the Leader’s Success Series™ is designed to add skills for leaders who are ready to take on more responsibility. The Transitioning Leader Workshop™ focuses on skills leaders need to lead larger teams or teams of teams.

The Transitioning Leader Workshop™ will set you up to be successful with increased responsibility and more demanding situations.

Two days of intense exploration of skills to help you become a better leader:

  • Coaching to Succeed: A critical leadership responsibility is coaching team members to help them reach their full potential. Learn techniques that will make you a more effective coach. Develop effective listening skills. Learn how to make coaching sessions the most beneficial and what to avoid as a coach.
  • The Art of Not Motivating: A very common question among leaders today is, “How do I motivate people and keep them engaged.” Learn what motivation really is. Discover the basic human needs that drive motivation. Find out why motivation and engagement are closely related.
  • This Way or That Way? The Art and Science of Planning and Goal Setting: Are you using your people, talents, and resources in the best way to ensure success? You are probably already doing some planning and goal setting, but are you getting the best results? Discover a proven method to develop plans and set goals for your team that will not be an exercise in futility but really move the team forward.
  • The Multi-Generational Workforce: Five different generations have a significant impact on the 21st century workplace. Discover how each of these generations is different and how they may not be that different after all. Learn how effective communication may be different between the generations and how to overcome the difficulties. Find out why motivational needs will not change much, but perceptions of those needs can be quite different.

This isn’t a lecture course. During the workshop you will be fully engaged in group exercises, role-playing, and lively discussions. We don’t throw the latest leadership theory at you, then leave you wondering what to do with it. You will develop concrete action plans to apply lessons-learned to your professional life.As the name implies, the skills you learn will help you transition to more responsible leadership roles. You will leave the workshop with skills that will make you more effective at leading larger teams in more challenging situations. Your company’s senior leaders will notice the difference.


We are dedicated to making this experience a life-changing event. To ensure you get the most out of your experience, we provide the following post-event bonuses at no additional cost:

Bonus #1 – Online Webinar –Meetings that Work: Most people don’t like meetings. But, they often are a necessary part of leading, especially with larger teams. This optional 1-hour webinar addresses the challenges and mistakes people make that lead to long, boring meetings that don’t accomplish anything but wasting everyone’s time. Learn the critical steps to effective meetings. Discover ways to make web and telephone meetings less trouble. Discover secrets for effective use of visual aids.

Bonus #2 – Private Coaching: About 30 days after the course you will have a private coaching session with the facilitator to discuss how you are implementing your lessons learned and get specific coaching for staying on track to being a more effective leader.

Workshop participants receive:

  • A workbook with all course material to include lessons, self-assessments and your action plans to incorporate the material into your professional life
  • The Art of Not Motivating by Bob Mason, Palmarium Publishing, NM, 2014
  • Drive by Daniel H. Pink, Riverhead Books, NY, 2009
  • The leadership learning experience of a lifetime!

Your course facilitators bring a wide range of military and corporate leadership experience to the course. Though they’ve studied leadership extensively, they also have wide-ranging experience where theory meets reality. They are adept at weaving your real-life situations into the fabric of the course so your experience is as meaningful as possible. Click HERE for more information about your course facilitators.

Qualifies for at least 18 Professional Development Units (PDUs) from the Project Management Institute.