Leadership Tips – Form A Leadership Peer Group

A Leadership Peer Group

img_1039I just returned from a conference with other leadership development trainers. It was refreshing and energizing to spend a week with like-minded people who enjoy helping leaders succeed as much as I do. It was also a great opportunity to learn new techniques and engage in discussions about some of the finer points of leadership development. The conference reminded me how important it is to associate with others who share your interests and who have similar responsibilities.

How often do you get together with other leaders who have similar responsibilities or challenges? Leading a team or organization can be quite time consuming, but it’s essential to carve out some time for a peer group. They can be a sounding board and can help you with issues which are causing you problems. While wallowing in sympathy is never a good idea, your peers are the ones who will be able to understand your situation and offer suggestions for resolving difficulties. Of course, you will be able to help your peers as well.

Your peer group can provide another benefit if you let them. At the end of our conference we all told each other our plans and goals for the coming year. Throughout the year we’ll be watching each other to see if we’re accomplishing those goals. Several have already offered to help others achieve their more difficult goals.

How about you? Can you find a few people who are in similar positions and set up a time to chat and share challenges and successes? Wouldn’t it be helpful to share your goals and then help each other achieve them? Every time I’ve had a small group of peers I’ve been more successful. You will be too.

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