Leveraging the Human Domain for Effective Stakeholder Engagement™

To successfully achieve team goals, leaders must be able to engage the relevant stakeholders. In this engaging workshop, leaders will enhance their ability to improve stakeholder engagement by learning many of the same concepts and techniques used by military special forces. Leaders must consider the “human domain” on the path to success, navigating the conflict, opposing interests, and outright hostility that leaders often face.

• What can an understanding of the human domain do for team leaders?
• Shape the environment to anticipate external challenges and generate options to overcome them.
• Strengthen the resolve and commitment of stakeholders.
• Recognize sources of opposition to the project and develop plans to overcome them.

These fundamentals apply to every team, no matter its size or complexity. This workshop will provide tools and techniques for leaders to overcome the challenges of operating in this dynamic, misunderstood, and often hidden domain.

Participants will:

– Describe what the human domain is and explain why teams should consider that they are operating in the human domain.
– Demonstrate how the fundamentals of the human domain apply to project management.
– Identify the five elements affecting human behavior and distinguish types of personal power.
– Recognize how human domain operations provide the “how to” for stakeholder engagement.

This course is eligible for 7 PDUs from the Project Management Institute.

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