Do you really know yourself and your team members? Can you identify those actions that really energize you – or the ones that seem to sap your energy? More importantly, can you answer these questions about the members of your team? Do you have a high performance team? Would you like to build one?

The MyHardWired™ Workshop uses a comprehensive, leadership style assessment that identifies the types of activities that energize a leader, as well as the activities that lead to frustration. MyHardWired™ graphically shows a leader their strengths as well as areas that will require more energy.

The profile identifies

  1. Preferred Style of Leading
  2. Socialized Expectations
  3. Instinctive Needs

The My HardWired™ Workshop delivers:

  • A sophisticated, in-depth three-dimensional profile system
  • An audio portion that provides detailed information on the survey results
  • Real world, easy to remember, practical advice to improve relationships and performance vs. abstract theory and letter codes

Think how helpful it would be if you had that information about everyone on your team. Great leaders go beyond knowing basic information about their people and dive deeper into truly understanding what gets them engaged. That’s where the true power of the profile workshop becomes apparent.

Teams across the country have found the MyHardWired™ Workshop to be a great way for individual team members to understand themselves better, and to better understand how their own strengths contribute to the entire team. Along with the individual profiles, the Workshop provides a profile of the team with a summary of each member and how they compare to the whole team.

The MyHardWired™ Workshop is an opportunity to explore your team’s internal energy flow and develop better working relationships.

With MyHardWired™, leaders are able to:

  • Identify challenging relationships
  • Be more effective when offering feedback
  • Determine what leadership styles will be most effective

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