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Why should my company invest in developing leaders?

Strong leaders and effective teams are key differentiators for organizational success. If you are looking for a way to give your organization an edge over the competition, leadership development is one of the best investments you can make. From employee engagement to focused effort and less waste, good leaders are what makes the difference in addressing many of your organizational challenges. If you’re seeing troubling signs like lack of communication, poor morale, and high employee turnover, you’re probably seeing signs of ineffective leaders. Instead of firing them in the futile hope that the next leader will be better (many companies play this losing game) realize that they were probably promoted to a leadership position without the skills necessary to be effective in that position.

How does The Daedalus Group define leadership?

We take a fundamental approach to leadership. Although times change and there are volumes and volumes written about leadership, at its core true leadership has changed very little through the ages. Whether you are a first line supervisor or a CEO, leadership is “Getting Things Done Through People.” We help leaders learn to influence the behavior of others to achieve objectives in a positive and lasting way.

Who can benefit from your leadership development programs?

Our programs help anyone in a position where they work with other people to become more effective in their role. Our programs are specifically designed for leaders at different points in their careers. We also tailor programs specifically for a company’s unique challenges and needs.

What if we only intend to give leadership training to mid and upper level management? Would your programs apply to that level?

We’ll help you evaluate where your leaders stand today, but there is foundational knowledge and basic skills that every leader should have. Not only does this make for better leaders but it also establishes a common leadership lexicon across your organization. We’ll help you tailor the program to fit your needs and company culture.

What qualifies you to teach leadership development?

At The Daedalus Group we study leadership extensively but, more importantly, we have decades of real-world, hands-on experience leading a wide variety of teams and organizations. That’s what differentiates The Daedalus Group from many leadership development providers. Although we place great importance on studying leadership, it’s our experience that truly makes us experts. We keep up with current research and best practices but we don’t simply recite the latest theories. Everything we do is informed by our own experience and we know it works.

What is the “one thing” that leaders need to know?

It has become popular in many areas to look for the “one thing” that, more than anything else, will make you successful. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for leadership; no single skill that will make someone a better leader. There are many skills that leaders need to learn. But, good leaders go beyond merely learning skills and discover ways to apply those skills to their unique situations. That can be the most difficult part of leadership development and that’s why we offer coaching along with our training workshops.

How can we select those very few people who really have the ability to be leaders? Aren’t the best leaders just born to be leaders?

Experience has proven that there are very few people who, if they have the desire, cannot become good leaders. We have seen many people who did not appear to have any leadership ability become very effective when given the opportunity, support, and training. We’ve found no formal test that will determine whether someone can become a good leader and there certainly isn’t a particular “leadership gene” that some are born with.

What is the difference between leadership and management? Aren’t supervisors more at the management level?

Leadership is a function of management and supervisors, managers, and executives have both management and leadership roles. In general, management consists of organizing, planning, controlling, and directing an organization’s resources. On the other hand, anyone who is responsible for the actions and performance of other people is practicing leadership. Unfortunately, a common problem with many internal training programs is they focus solely on the management role while ignoring leadership development. It’s important to begin leadership development early and continue that development as the leader progresses to greater responsibility. Management training is important, but it doesn’t necessarily result in effective leaders.

The Daedalus Group seems to rely heavily on military experience. Do you really believe your experience translates well to the civilian world?

In short, yes we do. We believe that because we have seen it. Military leadership is not what you’ve seen in the movies. It isn’t about yelling and screaming or command and control. Even though every veteran will have a different take on military leadership, the most important aspect is that the military takes leadership development seriously, emphasizing fundamental leadership principles and techniques. All military members receive early leadership training and leadership development continues throughout their service. The majority of military leaders take on significant leadership responsibilities at a very young age so it’s important for them to acquire the skills that will make them successful. We find that successful leaders at all levels of the corporate world embrace a similar approach.

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