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The Daedalus Group is laser focused on developing future leaders. We provide leadership training for managers and supervisors so they can become more effective leaders leading more productive teams. We use a simplified and uncomplicated approach to developing future leaders. Our leadership development efforts concentrate on three areas we’ve found have the greatest impact: Leadership Development, Team Building, and Strategic Planning.

Using proven tools, The Daedalus Group will evaluate your company and help you see where there are issues preventing growth, and then help you create a plan to fix those issues.

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Leadership Development Training

The Daedalus Group helps your supervisors and managers become more effective leaders leading more productive teams.

Team Building

Teams are simply groups of people who come together to accomplish common goals. The Daedalus Groups help those groups become effective teams.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is one of a leader’s most important responsibilities. The Daedalus Group’s Planning to Excel™ Model keeps everyone on track and provides tools that are foundational to everything else you do. 

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Leadership Evaluation

The Daedalus Group also has powerful tools to help you evaluate your leaders effectiveness and improve your company at all levels.

How effective is your leadership? 

Do you have the skills that separate the best leaders? 

Take our short Leadership Skills Quiz to find out.

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What’s a Daedalus Group?

In Greek mythology, Daedalus (Dādălus) invented wings to escape a labyrinth in which he was imprisoned. Using extensive military and corporate leadership experience, combined with the best tools available, The Daedalus Group helps supervisors and managers become effective leaders and escape the labyrinth of everyday leadership challenges.

We would like to hear from you. How can we help you address the problems that keep you from being an even better company?

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