Is your company working at the level you want? Do you have problems with productivity, communication, conflict, employee turnover? Are your teams functioning at the level you would like? Our experience shows that most companies have at least some of these issues and they are almost always the result of supervisors and managers who haven’t learned good leadership skills. But, there’s good news!

We can help.

The Daedalus Group will help you develop supervisors and managers who are more effective leaders leading more productive teams.

The Daedalus Group is totally focused on helping supervisors and managers become more effective leaders. We use a simplified and uncomplicated approach to developing leaders. Our efforts are concentrated in three areas that we’ve found have the greatest impact.

Leadership Development

The best leadership development program is tailored to your specific needs. That’s why we have a full arsenal of tools and programs that can be matched to your company’s unique situation.

We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach. To be effective, a leadership development program must take into account your company’s unique issues, the challenges your leaders face, and the specific result you are seeking.

The Daedalus Group uses proven tools to evaluate your company’s capabilities and constraints to concentrate your efforts for the best return.

Team Building

Teams are simply groups of people who come together to accomplish common goals.

Sounds simple enough, but teams are groups of people who are all different. Building and leading effective and smoothly operating teams can be challenging.

Effective teams provide the ultimate competitive advantage and while they are powerful, they are also quite rare. Improving teamwork does more than just help organizations become more effective. It also reduces the stress and dissatisfaction of the people in the organization.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is one of a leader’s most important responsibilities. Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced world, there are more and more voices saying strategic planning not only isn’t necessary, but is counter-productive.

That’s wrong!

Strategic planning is essential.

A good plan keeps everyone on track and provides the tools that are foundational to your team leader’s ability to create a motivational environment. 

Effective leaders can call on a number of different skills. We have compiled a collection of resources that address some of those skills. These resources are offered free of charge. When you download one of the papers you will also receive our       52 Accelerated Leadership Tips.

How effective is your leadership? 

Do you have the skills that separate the best leaders? 

Take our short Leadership Skills Quiz to find out.

Leadership Tips

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What’s a Daedalus Group?

In Greek mythology, Daedalus (Dādălus) invented wings to escape a labyrinth in which he was imprisoned. Using extensive military and corporate leadership experience, combined with the best tools available, The Daedalus Group helps supervisors and managers become effective leaders and escape the labyrinth of everyday leadership challenges.

We would like to hear from you. How can we help you address the problems that keep you from being an even better company?

We publish a catalog which provides more detail about how we can help you supervisors and managers become more effective leaders. Fill out this simple form and we’ll send it to you.
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Several times during the year The Daedalus Group conducts leadership workshops that are open for general enrollment or are provided by public associations.

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