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Effective leaders can call on a number of different skills. We have compiled a collection of resources that address some of those skills. These resources are our gift to you and when you download one of these resources you will also receive our Daedalus Leadership Tips. To download a paper, just click on the picture. 

Leadership it 2021
How Leaders At All Levels Can Make 2021 A Great Year

We wrote this in 2021 as everyone was recovering from the pandemic. Although for many, that was a unique challenge, the tips are still relevant today. 

The Daedalus Group has worked with many leaders from different companies and industries. From that experience we have found that there are some common factors that make leadership development successful. This paper discusses what makes a good leadership development program and what you should look for in a leadership development provider.

Taken from Bob’s book, You Can Do This, these are seven tips that are applicable to both new and experienced leaders.

Change is a fact of life and often one of the biggest challenges leaders face. Whether it’s implementing change from above, or selling your own ideas to your team, this paper will give you some ideas to manage change more effectively.
It would be nice if every team was a cohesive group of like-minded people. Unfortunately, that is almost never the case. This paper will give you some tools to address the team member who is disruptive or toxic.
The most successful teams exist in an environment that they find motivational. Does yours? This assessment will give you a preliminary look at issues that affect your ability to create that motivational environment.
Problem solving and decision making are a daily challenge for all leaders. This paper provides a proven 10 step process that makes it easier to address the issues that are confronting you and your team.

Here are some leadership tips videos. For all tips videos go to Bob’s YouTube Channel

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