Leading an aviation team or department presents challenges that many other leaders do not face. Your clients and customers rely on you not only for good service, but also for their safety. There is often little or no room for error and that demands effective leadership at all levels. That’s why we offer Leadership for Aviation Professionals ™.

Leadership for Aviation Professionals is an intensive exploration into proven leadership fundamentals and techniques for better leadership in aviation. Designed specifically for aviation professionals, this workshop provides an opportunity for you, the supervisors and managers in the aviation business to learn skills and techniques that will make you more effective in this demanding environment.

The workshop examines leadership fundamentals and techniques, better communication, and effective team building. But, it isn’t just theory. The course will help you consider how to apply those skills to your own unique challenges.

• Use the MyHardWired™ Leadership Styles Assessment to learn their strengths and blindsides and how they are most effective interacting with other people.
• Develop a Personal Leadership Philosophy.
• Understand and apply appropriate leadership theories.
• Learn and apply effective communication strategies.
• Analyze team building techniques and challenges.
• Understand leadership accountability.
• Apply methods to achieve a motivational environment.
• Explore methods of enhancing personal knowledge.
• Analyze methods to lead and manage change.

Leadership for Aviation Professionals ™ is certified by the National Business Aviation Association for CAM PDP areas L3 – L5.

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