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Water, Aliens, and Accountability

I’ve found the answers to everything. That’s right. In two words I can explain everything that ever has or ever will happen.

First, human health. You have probably heard of the concern with the chemical compound dihydrogen oxide. Extensive research indicates that every person who has ever died or even been slightly ill has ingested some of this compound. Therefore, this substance, more commonly known as water, must be the root cause of all human health issues.

Second, everything else. Many believe that there is mounting evidence that the Earth has been visited by aliens since, well, forever. Everything from the pyramids to the inner workings of the iPhone can be traced to technology gained from various alien visitors. Without their help we would still be living in caves, or at least hopelessly tethered to a phone cord.

So, there you have it. The answers to everything.

Unfortunately, some leaders lead their teams this way. Rather than getting to the real cause of an issue they latch on to the easiest answer. The project is late because those Millennials just don’t work hard enough. We couldn’t accomplish the goal because the deck was just stacked against us. XYZ Company beat us to market because they had an inside track, or some advantage we didn’t have.

It’s tempting to assign the cause for our own problems to influences we feel we can’t control. But that isn’t good leadership. Leaders are accountable for what happens on their team. They own the good and the bad. Yes, there is a reason why something failed, but that reason is not an excuse to throw your hands up and quit, or default to an easy, yet questionable answer. When things don’t go right, find out why. Deal with the problem. Then move on.

And have a glass of water.

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