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How to be a Team Player Not a Suck Up

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Being a team player doesn’t always mean agreeing with the boss or the majority. Being a team player means you are loyal to the team. As a team member that means you provide the benefit of your experience and expertise and speak up and make suggestions based on that experience and expertise.

How Did This Happen?

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It’s common to do a deep post mortem when things go wrong or failure happens. How come we don’t put as much effort into learning from our successes?

Effective Meetings

6 Steps For Effective Meetings

The room was always filled beyond capacity. Anyone in the organization the boss had even casually met was invited, and by invited he meant required to attend. There was an agenda, but it was meaningless since he didn’t follow it anyway. Any random thought could become the topic at hand,… Read More »6 Steps For Effective Meetings