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Sad Announcement

It is with much sorrow that I announce the passing of my good friend and business partner Steve Alltop. Many of you knew Steve as a leadership instructor and coach. He truly enjoyed working with our clients to help them become more effective leaders. Steve and I have been friends… Read More »Sad Announcement

Why Virtual Is Not The Entire Answer

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Where would we be today without the technology which enables us to turn on a camera and have meetings and conferences with others anywhere around the globe?

Communication and Conflict

Communication and Conflict

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Conflict comes in two forms: good and bad. Good conflict is disagreement and debate and a hard look at ideas and solutions. Good conflict results in even better ideas and solutions. Bad conflict is name calling, and personal attacks, and disengagement. Bad conflict results in team dysfunction.

A common cause of bad conflict is communication. We each have our own expectations of how we want others to communicate with us.

Develop Street Smart s

Street Smarts

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Really, the only way to get street smarts is to be on the street. It’s great if you can hire someone who already has the knowledge and experience you need, but that’s often unlikely. The fact is, people will grow into the job; if you let them.

Take Time to Smell the Roses

After many years of hard work Jack was offered a very coveted position, one for which few were considered, and he could barely contain his excitement. He went home to tell his family, but his teenage son had news of his own and ignored Jack’s enthusiasm. There was a high… Read More »Take Time to Smell the Roses