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Leading and Building Teams

Two Challenges Leaders Face and Some Suggested Approaches

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Leaders face many challenges; team members, bosses, local conditions, national and international activities. Here are two common challenges leaders face and suggested approaches you can take to deal with them.

How to Create a Motivational Environment in a Union Shop: It’s Not as Hard as it Sounds

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“How do I provide a motivational climate when all my workers are in unions and they care more about union membership?”
This question is common in leadership development workshops. It’s one of the biggest frustrations leaders have with a union shop. “I’m going to file a grievance” are words that can strike terror in even the strongest leader.

Clothes Don’t Make the Team

“Bring your team together with these team shirts.” The commercial showed groups of happy, smiling people, all wearing the same shirts with the company logo. The narrator explained that teams would be more productive when they wore the same clothes because they would feel more like a real team. Nice… Read More »Clothes Don’t Make the Team

Introvert and Extrovert: Labels, Not Capabilities

Introvert or extrovert. Most psychological tests apply this label and in popular definitions, extroverts are seen as outgoing, fun-loving, and gregarious. Introverts are seen as inward-focused, quiet, and maybe even standoffish. The Daedalus Group uses the My HardWiredâ„¢ Leadership Styles Assessment and like most such instruments, it identifies introversion and… Read More »Introvert and Extrovert: Labels, Not Capabilities