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Leading and Building Teams

Team Conflict Resolution

Team Conflict Resolution

Do I have to like everyone on my team? Should all my team members like each other? The answer leads to team conflict resolution. Bad team conflict is to be expected and we’ve written about it before. That conflict comes from the fact that each one of us is a unique… Read More »Team Conflict Resolution

Leadership Fundamentals Training

Leadership Fundamentals Training – Why Knowing How to Apply Basic Leadership Skills is Essential

Leadership fundamentals training sounds basic and it is. But that doesn’t mean the skills we present are not applicable to your individual situation. In fact, good application of basic leadership skills can make you most successful. Jack gave me a hard time for the entire three-day leadership course, constantly complaining… Read More »Leadership Fundamentals Training – Why Knowing How to Apply Basic Leadership Skills is Essential

Are You the Smartest Person on the Team?

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Are you the smartest person on the team? I hope you said no. But, if you look at your whole team and say to yourself, “I really am smarter than all the rest of them,” then maybe you need to find another job.

How to be a Team Player Not a Suck Up

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Being a team player doesn’t always mean agreeing with the boss or the majority. Being a team player means you are loyal to the team. As a team member that means you provide the benefit of your experience and expertise and speak up and make suggestions based on that experience and expertise.

What Leaders Should Know About the Biological Clock

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The human body is amazing. It even comes with its own clock. This internal, or biological clock tells us when it’s time to eat and sleep. It will council us that, yes there are only two episodes of Lucifer left but it really is time to go to bed. So how can you help your team member’s circadian rhythm?