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No Values? Really?

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Have you ever heard, “That person has no values”? What that usually means is, “That person’s values are so different from mine that I don’t recognize them.”

Responsibility and Accountability: They’re the Same, Just Different

If you look up the definitions of responsibility and accountability you’ll find they are used interchangeably. But there is a subtle yet important difference between the two words. A good way to separate them is to consider responsibility as ownership of a task, and accountability as ownership of the results.… Read More »Responsibility and Accountability: They’re the Same, Just Different

Water, Aliens, and Accountability

I’ve found the answers to everything. That’s right. In two words I can explain everything that ever has or ever will happen. First, human health. You have probably heard of the concern with the chemical compound dihydrogen oxide. Extensive research indicates that every person who has ever died or even… Read More »Water, Aliens, and Accountability

I’m Appalled – Enough Already

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I’m appalled, though unfortunately I guess I’m not really surprised. Amidst all the rhetoric about equality and fair treatment, it turns out there is a lot of inequality and unfair treatment going on. Specifically, ever day now the news brings us another story detailing the sordid details of some new… Read More »I’m Appalled – Enough Already

Toxic Behavior Destroys Team Trust

A prerequisite for effective and high-performing teams is trust among its members. According to Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, trust is foundational to team effectiveness. Improving an absence of trust due to unfamiliarity, personality and cultural differences, or ambiguous roles and responsibilities is “relatively” straight forward… Read More »Toxic Behavior Destroys Team Trust

Dealing with Toxic Team Members

In workshop discussions concerning conflict management, inevitably the subject of dealing with “toxic” individuals comes up. I maintain that if you have toxic individuals on your team, you normally don’t have a conflict problem, you have a values problem. We’ve talked about workplace culture before but, in my experience, few… Read More »Dealing with Toxic Team Members