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We’re changing our name!

daedalus_logo-draft1-5We’re changing our name! We will soon be known as The Daedalus Group. This summer we began an initiative to re-brand Academy Leaders. Our old name was closely aligned with Academy Leadership LLC, where we are certified affiliates. The similarity in names and internet domains between Academy Leaders and Academy Leadership has caused confusion with our clients. Re-branding ourselves removes that confusion and allows us to focus on differentiators as we continue to explore ways to deliver maximum value. While we will still be offering great programs from Academy Leadership, we will also offer our own unique programs as well. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for us!

What’s with the strange name? The Daedalus Group reflects our Air Force heritage and our vision for the future. In Greek mythology, Daedalus invented wings to escape a labyrinth in which he was imprisoned. With many years of hands-on leadership experience, the Daedalus Group helps supervisors and managers escape the labyrinth of everyday management and develop wings to become effective leaders. As they become high-flying leaders, they also help their companies soar to new heights.

By the end of December we will transition the Academy Leaders website to our new domain for the Daedalus Group, www.dleadershipgroup.com. This newsletter, The Leader’s Compass, will soon begin arriving from team@dleadershipgroup.com. Please add that address to your safe-senders list so you don’t miss any issues.


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