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Ready to take the next step on your leadership journey? These tips will help.

Embedded leader, leading from behind, leading without authority, informal leader; we have a variety of terms for situations when we find ourselves leading without having the positional title designating us as leaders.  I’ve coached a number of individuals who were in similar positions.  Some because of natural progression; they’ve reached… Read More »Ready to take the next step on your leadership journey? These tips will help.

Are You Coachable?

The pile of boulders called Little Round Top is one of the most visited spots on the Gettysburg battlefield. It was there on July 2, 1863 that a thirty-four year old professor of rhetoric and his volunteer soldiers defended the vulnerable left flank of the Federal Army against repeated rebel… Read More »Are You Coachable?

Great Leaders Create Culture

This week we welcome guest blogger Jay Pullins from Catapult Leadership Solutions. The first priority of great leaders is making more leaders. But it doesn’t just happen. Making leaders requires selflessness, confidence and intentionality (see last week’s blog). And making more leaders doesn’t happen without a plan. That’s why many… Read More »Great Leaders Create Culture

We’re changing our name!

We’re changing our name! We will soon be known as The Daedalus Group. This summer we began an initiative to re-brand Academy Leaders. Our old name was closely aligned with Academy Leadership LLC, where we are certified affiliates. The similarity in names and internet domains between Academy Leaders and Academy… Read More »We’re changing our name!

Why Set Goals?

By Perry J. Martini, Ph.D. Most of us have fond memories of the fairy tales we read (or that were read to us) as children. They were entertaining, often times humorous, but without our knowing taught us important lessons for later life. One of the most universally read fairy tales… Read More »Why Set Goals?

Developing Future Leaders: 5 Steps for Leadership Development

Updated July 15, 2021 Developing future leaders is always a concern at the executive level. Deloitte University Press has released their Global Human Capital Trends 2021. The report is full of interesting statistics, but of particular note is that among 6000 HR and business leaders – leadership was listed as… Read More »Developing Future Leaders: 5 Steps for Leadership Development