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Continuing Leadership Development: A Leadership Peer Group

Some of the most effective leadership development happens outside of formal leadership skills training. A leadership peer group can be a terrific training opportunity.

A difficult situation was developing in one of my teams. I was at a loss for just the right approach to deal with the issue. Fortunately I was in a peer group and at our normal Monday breakfast I explained the problem. It turned out there was a fairly obvious, and easy, solution. I had been too close to the issue to see it. I benefited from on-the-spot, real world leadership skills training.

How often do you get together with other leaders who have similar responsibilities or challenges? Leading a team or organization can be quite time consuming, but it’s essential to carve out some time for a peer group. They can be a sounding board and can help you with issues which are causing you problems. This isn’t a time for wallowing in sympathy but to leverage the collective experience and wisdom of your peers. They are more likely to understand your situation and offer realistic suggestions for resolving difficulties. Of course, you will be able to help your peers as well. It’s informal, but extremely effective leadership development.

Your peer group can provide another benefit if you let them. Share your goals, both for yourself and your team, then hold each other accountable.

How about you? Can you find a few people who are in similar positions and set up a time to chat and share challenges and successes? Wouldn’t it be helpful to share your goals and then help each other achieve them? Don’t miss this leadership development opportunity. Every time I’ve had a small group of peers I’ve been more successful. You will be too.

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