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The Leader’s Confidence Course Offered Through University of New Mexico Continuing Education

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The Daedalus Group has partnered with the University of New Mexico Continuing Education to provide the Leader’s Confidence Course, an intense 2-day experience that gives new supervisors and managers basic skills to effectively lead their teams.

Leading other people can be a daunting and even frightening experience. Faced with strong-willed personalities, little to no authority, demanding bosses, under-performing team members, short deadlines and long hours, many managers quickly realize they’ve never been trained to deal with the realities of leadership. That can cause a lack of confidence, high stress, and tentative performance.

The Confident Leader workshop provides critical leadership skills to boost a new leader’s confidence. The course includes basic skills every leader needs to know; like what leadership really is, effectively communicating and establishing a relationship with your team, and handling crisis situations, while acting decisively. Each participant will take a leadership styles profile using a revolutionary behavioral profiling system that helps them learn how they communicate with others, what causes stress, and how to manage and even avoid that stress. They will gain insight into themselves and their interactions with others.

One of the favorite parts of the course is the personal leadership philosophy which is a written document describing among other essential elements the leader’s values, their vision for the team, and their expectations for themselves and the team. Creating the leadership philosophy statement sets the stage for the two most important characteristics followers want in their leaders; credibility and trust.

The final part of the course covers accountability. Many leaders have trouble understanding what accountability really means. Participants will learn to “own” their team’s results, no matter what. Leaders are often faced with broken promises and violated expectations and participants will learn the causes of these situations and how to handle them.

Though the course is only two days, The Daedalus Group includes a follow-on session and individual coaching to help participants implement what they’ve learned. The Confident Leader workshop will be offered November 14 – 15, 2017, and February 6 – 7, 2018. Anyone wanting to improve their leadership effectiveness can register at http://ce.unm.edu/professional/business/supervisory-skills.php. Click on “The Confident Leader Workshop.”

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