6 Steps to Better Leadership Communication

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Leadership communication is one of the leading impediments to high functioning teams. Here are six steps to improve your leadership communication.

1. Recognize that your perspective is likely different from your team members. You’re approaching the topic from a different point of view and probably have information they don’t. You know what message you want them to hear.

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2. Make sure your message is clear before you start. Think about how your message will be received – not just what you will say but what they will hear.

Which means you must

3. Ask for feedback. Did they really hear what you meant them to?

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4. Use the right communication channel. If it’s complex, write it down. Don’t always rely on texts or a brief email.

Above all else

5. Listen. Leaders should listen more than they talk. I mean really listen. Listen to understand not just to reply.

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6. All this works much better when you make a real effort to know your team members and how they communicate.

You probably would say “Nothing new here. I’m already doing this.” If I asked your team, would they agree? It’s easy to get busy and stressed and forget the basics. Make a conscious effort to improve your leadership communication.

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