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Do You Need Ice Cream?

It was 3 years after the end of open hostilities of the first Gulf War. The atmosphere was somewhat more relaxed but there was still tension. I was the maintenance officer for a deployed rescue squadron. Coalition aircraft were flying combat missions to enforce the no-fly zone over Iraq and… Read More »Do You Need Ice Cream?

Is Leadership Training Failing

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There are many voices around the world that claim it is. What do you think? Is leadership development failing? If you answer yes, then leadership training is probably failing for you. If you answer no, then leadership training is probably not failing for you. Although that may seem overly simple,… Read More »Is Leadership Training Failing

Communication and Conflict

Leadership and Civility

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It seems that leadership and civility would be an easy discussion. Alas, it is not. Civility is a concept that seems to be lost in today’s society even though it is absolutely essential for good teams. A cultural shift has been happening and now it seems that being civil means… Read More »Leadership and Civility

Help! My Boss is Clueless

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You have many challenges as a team leader. Is one of those challenges a boss who doesn’t seem to know what your team is doing? He or she appears to be more of a stumbling block than a helpful leader? Harsh? Perhaps, but let’s be honest, sometimes the boss can… Read More »Help! My Boss is Clueless