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What Leaders Should Know About the Biological Clock

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The human body is amazing. It even comes with its own clock. This internal, or biological clock tells us when it’s time to eat and sleep. It will council us that, yes there are only two episodes of Lucifer left but it really is time to go to bed. So how can you help your team member’s circadian rhythm?

Why You Shouldn’t Fake It Until You Make It

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This concept of, “fake it ‘till you make it” is very bad advice for leaders. You will get caught faking it, most likely fairly quickly, and will lose any respect your team may have for you.

Develop Good Followers – Leading vs. Following

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Too often the requirement to be a follower is interpreted to mean, “Do as you’re told and don’t argue.” Sometimes that may be necessary, but usually that approach does not benefit the team or the leader. A better approach is to support the leader.

How to Create a Motivational Environment in a Union Shop: It’s Not as Hard as it Sounds

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“How do I provide a motivational climate when all my workers are in unions and they care more about union membership?”
This question is common in leadership development workshops. It’s one of the biggest frustrations leaders have with a union shop. “I’m going to file a grievance” are words that can strike terror in even the strongest leader.

Actions That Will Help You Avoid Leadership Goofs: Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

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No one’s perfect and when the average imperfect individual finds him or herself in a leadership position, there are suddenly many more opportunities to mess up. My own experience has proven this to be true. As the scope of responsibility grows, the likelihood of making mistakes increases. To avoid many common mistakes, make these five actions the core of your approach to your leadership responsibilities.