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Motivation and Engagement

The Unintentional Leader

Early in my military career I was taught that a unit will take on the characteristics of its leader. A sloppy unit will likely have an unkempt leader at its helm. A unit known for “bending the rules” will most likely be led by a person of questionable ethics. Why… Read More »The Unintentional Leader

Leadership Engagement Survey

An Employee Engagement Survey

Leadership, motivation, and employee engagement are among the most discussed subjects in business these days. Various studies are available indicating a large portion of the workforce is not engaged and there seems to be no end to suggestions for how to motivate people. I’ve created this brief employee engagement survey… Read More »An Employee Engagement Survey

Leadership Development – The Difference Between Fair and Equal

Are you treating all your employees in a fair and equal manner? Those two words are often considered synonymous; Roget’s Thesaurus even lists equal as a synonym for fair, but understanding them as very different concepts is a critical leadership skill to embrace in your leadership development. I often write… Read More »Leadership Development – The Difference Between Fair and Equal