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Rocky Mountain Aviation Leadership Workshop

The Rocky Mountain Aviation Leadership Workshop.

Investing in good leadership is what makes the difference between an average team and a great team. As studies by McKinsey, Deloitte, and others have shown, effectively leading people requires a specific skill set so leadership development positively affects a company’s success.

If you work in the aviation business, the Rocky Mountain Aviation Leadership Workshop is for you. The workshop is specifically designed to address the unique demands you face.

The workshop will be held in Centennial, Colorado November 7 – 9, 2018, at the Denver Jet Center and is designed specifically for aviation professionals as an intensive exploration of proven techniques for better leadership in aviation. The courses which will be presented are certified by the National Business Aviation Association to meet all leadership objectives for the Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Professional Development Program (PDP).

We will present two programs. Planning to Excelâ„¢ will be presented on November 7th. It is a proven planning model and you will:

  • Learn a proven method of planning and goal setting for their department or team.
  • Complete draft vision and mission statements for their department or team.
  • Define challenging goals and objectives.
  • Develop an implementation and follow-up plan.
  • Learn techniques to keep the plan relevant and front-of-mind.

Leadership for Aviation Professionalsâ„¢ will be presented November 8th and 9. This is an intense 2-day dive into the fundamentals of leadership and how you can more effectively lead your team. During this workshop you will

  • Use the MyHardWiredâ„¢ Leadership Styles Assessment to learn your strengths and blindsides.
  • Develop a Personal Leadership Philosophy.
  • Analyze team building techniques and challenges.
  • Understand leadership accountability.
  • Comprehend methods of achieving a motivational environment.
  • Analyze methods to lead and manage change.

And much more.


Don’t miss this opportunity. Learn more and register at https://dleadershipgroup.com/rmalw.

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