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Leadership Development

New Boss? Here’s What to Do

You’ve just moved to a new position, or perhaps a new boss has just come on board. The change, no matter how smooth the transition, is disruptive. A critical step in leadership development is establishing a good relationship with your boss. You want the new boss to understand how you… Read More »New Boss? Here’s What to Do

Are You an Authentic Leader?

Authentic leadership requires that we honestly evaluate our own abilities and identify our strengths and weaknesses. No one is strong in all areas and that becomes even more true as leaders rise to more responsible positions. Recently, I was having a business discussion with a friend and the subject turned… Read More »Are You an Authentic Leader?

The Respect Paradox

I’m always on the lookout for examples, both good and bad, of leadership in action. In this example a lack of respect demonstrated bad leadership. I was checking out at the grocery store the other day and a clerk had just opened a new register. As I started unloading my basket… Read More »The Respect Paradox

What is Servant Leadership?

In 1970, Robert Greenleaf wrote an essay titled, “The Servant-Leader Within.” A few years later he revised his essay and since then the concept of servant leadership has become one of the buzz phrases of the management – leadership lexicon. What strikes me about Greenleaf’s writing is not that he… Read More »What is Servant Leadership?

Don’t Raise Mushrooms

Shortly after arriving in the new organization, I asked why we were doing certain tasks that didn’t seem to make sense. This was my first job as an airplane mechanic. I was very young, impressionable and quite curious. So I was disappointed when another mechanic told me not to bother… Read More »Don’t Raise Mushrooms